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post up


well I hunkered down since last time i posted here instead of releasing new music and have been going to synth town amongst other things. we’ll have a lot of music out before the end of the summer and through to the end of the year.

our next release is called Whoknowseph? it has 2 songs
“Never Happens” and “God is Close mxtabs.net”


I disagree

with this


Don’t wind up¬†in a bunch of shitty scenes


we’ve got six songs being finished up for a single and an ep, very excited to share them



I never

know whether anyone reads this, but I suppose documenting other than twitter is good right?

we put out an EP in December that looks like this:
EP Largeit’s on our bandcamp of course. it¬†contains: 1¬†should have been¬†Hitsville-lofi-Dead-reference¬†racket, Carl Sagan on Eratosthenes, a wavering ballad about the moon, me sitting on a fat stack of Bibles, and a John Prine song played only the way my boys could play it.

newer songs coming…. likely…. sooon!!! (imay even shell out for a longawaitedvinyl release a bit later): some songs done, some almost done, some to be started soon. contacting my inner Brian Wilson currently.
‚̧ ¬† ¬†^_^


been a second since posting on here i suppose, recording has been a slower process than intended

our EP is done it’s going to be called Label Maker (EDIT:this wasnt true…)

1. Our Wheel
2. No images just violence
3. You earned it!
4. Pay attention, this my shrine

we’ll have artwork uploaded soon and hopefully it’ll be out before April.

a lil then
a lil now

this large dude actually just nicked my left hand pretty good. blood on me keyboard