Whats up- now!

tucked in the dark corner of the internet beneath vats of memes and program quizzes there is a soundcloud for our band. i’ve been putting up demos/taking them off at my own whim and that probably wont stop

so that
anywow so we don’t have any shows for now. dishes ain’t shit. tryna get my old multitrack fixed/begin next record. speaking of, here’s the track listing which came to me in a vision two nights ago.

have you met the channel?

Photo on 9-6-14 at 12.01 AM

(Introspect, Have You Met The Channel?, Furthamore, Hello You’re Not Awake, The Gospel according to St. Thomas, Your Ego as it Stands, The Freaks Here Will Learn, Is that the subject?, No Bothers) (EP: Our Wheel, No Images Just Violence, You Earned it!)

its a concept album about………………